In Person Retreat

Join our Alchemy of Menopause retreats. The next session is on the 17th to the 23rd of September, 2024 in Northen New Mexico.

the Alchemy of Menopause retreat


Are you eager to transcend perimenopausal isolation and embark on a journey of inner transformation? Step into our immersive in-person retreats, where like-minded women come together to forge connections and undergo profound growth. Let this experience equip you with the resilience and confidence to boldly embrace the next chapter of life.


Studies have show that women have less negative emotions during peri-menopause if they are surrounded by a community of women.

Professional support

You will be guided by Cathy Skipper, a seasoned healer and teacher who is uniquely situated to hold space and facilitate deep healing.

Safe and sacred space

Breaking away from your routine is at times necessary to re-imagine what the next phase of your life will be like. 

The natural world

The rivers, mountains, hotsprings of the high desert offer a unique support to the inner process.

Creating profound connections

Perimenopause isn’t a journey meant to be faced alone. It demands a sanctuary where authentic connections flourish. Too many women navigate this transformative phase in solitude, lacking the support and feminine rituals they deserve. Our retreat provides precisely that safe haven—a space where profound interactions carve lasting bonds and friendships. Here, compassion and vulnerability intertwine as we form a supportive community dedicated to guiding each other through the complexities of perimenopause. Join us in embracing this pivotal phase together.

“It can be assumed that sharing within the group contributed to a sense of normalization and contributed to accepting the physical and psychological changes of menopause, as participants realized other women faced similar difficulties.”  

  1. Rotem, M.; Kushnir, T.; Levine, R.; Ehrenfeld, M. A Psycho-Educational Program for Improving Women’s Attitudes and Coping with Menopause Symptoms. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Neonatal Nurs. 2005, 34, 233–240. 

Break away

Let go of the stress of daily life and let us take care of you. We take pride in creating a luxurious and intentionally curated experience, where you don’t have to worry about the usual daily tasks. Our retreats are fully catered using healthy and local ingredients. The retreats take place in Northern New Mexico, in the high desert. The locations are hand picked to ensure maximum privacy and tranquility. Personal and private spaces, as well as suitable connectivity will be available for each participant. 

Stepping away from the ties of your daily routine facilitates self renewal during this important stage of a women’s life. 


Cathy as your guide

With three decades of teaching and guiding experience, Cathy embodies a wealth of wisdom for women embracing menopause. 

Sensing her students’ yearning for personalized attention during perimenopause, Cathy has curated these retreats as sanctuaries for deep connection and personalized guidance. Rooted in the aspiration to transcend conventional narratives of menopause, these retreats cultivate profound transformation for all participants.

Cathy—the visionary behind “The Alchemy of Menopause”— promise a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Join her in this transformative experience, crafted with care and expertise to support women through their menopausal journey.

High desert healing

The positive effects of interacting with the natural world has a growing body of research supporting it’s efficacy at reducing stress, anxiety and promoting healing.

Beyond the scientific studies, stepping into the natural world has a symbolic and ritualistic quality that has been recognized be humans for ever.  

We intentionally harness both these aspects during our retreat. We will explore the diverse and awe inspiring habitats that form the high deserts of Northern New Mexico. From canyons, mountains to wild hot springs – this natural backdrop will set a fertile frame for the deep changes you will experience.

Upcoming Retreats

Place: Taos, NM

Date: 17th to 23rd Sept, 2024

Seats left

Menopause Activation Retreat

With Cathy Skipper

This retreat is designed to offer you the core processes that make up “The Alchemy of Menopause”. It is a blend of sacred feminine rituals, depth psychology and a symbolic use of the alchemical stages as the road map to the inner feminine. 


"Our exclusive retreat is limited to 9 women per session."