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Cathy has spoken and taught at schools, conferences and for private parties world wide. Invigorate your community with a renewed understanding of healthy, conscious aging.

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Ignite a revolution in our culture with Cathy’s visionary framework, the “Alchemy of Menopause,” designed for progressive professionals, visionary company owners, and event organizers dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment. Cathy’s events offer a transformative experience, guiding attendees on a journey of understanding, acceptance, and empowerment around menopause. Through dynamic webinars, customized trainings, and supportive women’s gatherings, Cathy equips organizations and communities with the knowledge and tools needed to create a positive and inclusive culture around women’s issues.

Grounded in depth psychology and informed by years of experience, Cathy’s framework empowers women to embrace menopause as an opportunity for growth, resilience, and innovation. Join the “Alchemy of Menopause,” movement today and lead the way in building a world where every woman’s journey is celebrated and supported.

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Cathy Skipper

Drawing from four years of comprehensive teacher training at the renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Cathy has honed her ability to captivate audiences and impart knowledge effectively.

Her fervent commitment to the “Alchemy of Menopause” drives her mission to inspire and educate others, making her a compelling choice for public speaking engagements.


“Menopause is a journey that requires understanding, compassion, and support from all facets of society. Only then can women truly embrace this transition with grace and empowerment.”

- Audre Lorde, Writer and Civil Rights Activist